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Weekly Movie Trailer Round-Up 03/29/13

Here are a bunch of awesome movie trailers I saw this week!

The Wolverine

Wow. This looks fantastic! I am super stoked for it. I don’t like the one train shot, but hopefully it’ll look better on film. Everything else looks awesome!

Kick-Ass 2

The Red-Band Hit-Girl trailer. I want this movie NOW!

Before Midnight

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the previous two films in this series by Richard Linkleter, Before Sunrise and Before Sunset. I hope they continue these forever! Can’t wait!

Star Trek Into Darkness

This is last weeks International Trailer, a week late, but I had to include it. Could I be more excited for this? Um, no. Does this look like Star Trek…? Ummmm…. I don’t care! It’s fantastic!

World War Z

This is a much better trailer than that first one a while back. Much better “Massive” effects than that first horrible trailer. This one makes me at least somewhat interested in seeing it. But still… I just don’t care.

White House Down

Well… Olympus Has Fallen got a sequel already. This is some serious Armageddon/Deep Impact “coincidence” happened. Roland Emmerich knows big scale action and this seems to deliver in a big way. Nice to see Josh Hartnett reprising Black Hawk Down – I mean Channing Tatum in White House Down. Not sure I need to see this. 

As a side, am I the only one completely disturbed by both Olympus and WHD’s imagery and concepts? I just don’t feel they are appropriate for some reason… Not trying to be stuffy, it just feels… wrong. I don’t know.

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