A Geek's Guide To The Galaxy


Filmmaker, Photographer, Tea Connoisseur, Geek.

I’m a big ball of creative mish-mosh, bursting at the seems to show anyone who will listen his passion for the arts. Fueled by a mysterious energy, one could only truly attribute it to the large amounts of caffinated teas that I drink. I find time, between the many excitments of life to delve into the many facets of my chosen career.

Dedicated to my craft, as well as my goal of watching every single movie released in a given year. Driven by a desire to entertain, capture and reflect and touch the human spirit – my mind is always racing with new possibilities to bring my talents and passion to others.

Discovery and a goofy smile are always just around the corner, as someone new is bound to discover with what has been described as a ridiculously contagious grin in every passing day.

Check out my Photography Portfolio and Production Reels!

jeremy {a@t} tealeafonthewind.com

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