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Headshot Prep


In Advance of the Shoot

First Thing First:

Please fill out this very brief Questionairre.


After you have submitted the above questionairre and just before the shoot, either over the phone or in person, I like to discuss what the actors goals are regarding the shoot. What roles would you realistically go out on; What roles you wish you’d go out on. What is your “type”; etc. We’ll also discuss the do’s and don’t of wardrobe. We’ll of course also discuss hair and make-up, if an artist is required and we’ll work out those details. Location suggestions are also discussed at this time. The idea is to work out all the little itty bitty details, so on the day of the shoot we have nothing but clear heads for the shoot.

Veronique OryJustin O'Conner

Download the Jasher Photography Client Questionnaire

Just Before the Shoot

Prior to the shoot, we’ll have discussed location. We’ll either meet at the desired location or at a central location and carpool to the spot. First thing, if you require getting hair & make-up, the artist will meet with us at this time to start on your look. We’ll then have a chat, get to know one another’s ideas and visions for the shoot. Rule #1: This is a collaborative process. We’ll share ideas and come up with inventive and interesting ways of achieving our goals as a team.

Adrien Theuer


You need to bring several choices. Whether we are shoot one look or six looks, we need choices. Some things you think would look great on you, look distorted or distracting through the camera lens. This can be a trial and error process, which is why you must bring options. Here are some basic guidelines:

Avoid White – It almost never works on camera. It will wash you out. Try it with layers.

Avoid Black – It absorbs colors and is best used with layers.

No Patterns – Unless discussed prior with me.

No Logos – Small logos can be taken out with retouching, but err on no logos.

No Jewelry – It’s distracting. There are exceptions, please discuss this with me.

No Hats – Again, exceptions can be made, discuss this with me.

Glasses – Err on no glasses if you can. Contacts are preferred. Discuss this with me.

Clean Clothes – Lint rolled and unwrinkled clothes are a must.

Bright Vibrant Colors are always a good idea. I shoot color – although black & white is also available. But when shooting color, it means color. Use the medium. It is important not to underestimate colors’ nuances.

Your Colors – Discuss with your friends, agents and managers what colors are right for you.

Layers are great for headshots.


Heidi CaldwellIsaac P. Brown

Hair and Make-up

My belief is less is more. A lot of people feel you need to to be glamorized in headshots, that you must look “amazing”. My belief is that you need to look the best version of you. If you are not real, and it is not you in that lens, a casting director is going to be sorely disappointed when you show up not looking like you picture. Hence less is more.

With Digital Photography and Color, having great, natural hair & make-up for both men and women is more important than ever. Many people apply make-up too strongly or don’t properly care for their hair. It is also very useful to have someone there on-set the entire time watching specifically for touch-ups with your make-up or hair in your face, or so you can more thoroughly change your look for each ‘type’ or wardrobe change we shoot.

I have no restrictions on whether you use a professional referral of mine, your own choosing, or you do your hair & make-up yourself. But I do not recommend neglecting this very important detail of your shoot. It can change your photos from great to amazing with just a little extra investment in your future career. Feel free to ask me more about this important part of your shoot.

The Shoot

My shoots are collaborative. We talk it out and make sure we are getting the best and most appropriate shots for you. Some times there is music to help set the mood, sometimes we’ll just have a chat and see what spontaneously comes out of it. The idea is we are both having fun throughout the whole shoot. Whether we are shooting for commercial or theatrical, if you are not enjoying yourself it will come through on the pictures. This is a fairly ‘free’ shoot. Since my shoots are in natural settings, I will search for the best possible environment for you. There is a very brief and very minimal lighting process and we just get down to business. Would you like to know more? Ask me!

After the Shoot

After the shoot, we will shake and part ways. You will hear from me within 24, and in some unusual cases 48 hours that your headshots are online for your and your agents, friends and managers perusal. If you require any retouching, this would be the time you’d let me know which ones you would like work done on. After this, I give you a CD with all the photos of your choice on it. The CD and pictures are yours to keep.Just don’t forget to tell people who took them!

That’s it!! I think I covered almost everything… whew. If you have questions, just ask!

Shawn Cahill

Download the Jasher Photography Release Form

This is not required. Please inquire for further information.


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